November 28, 2010

Your favorite eyewear designers, the twin wonders, CoCo & Breezy, is having a fantastic sale on their custom pieces for Cyber Monday. Check the links above to see what it’s about.


September 29, 2010


Presenting the CHRISHABANA Spring/Summer 2011 jewelry collection, “Mon Amour, Mon Ennemi.” The New York based designer emulates a real edgy, gothic, feel in his collections. He puts into use geometrics, & your expected bones, crosses, & thorns, all fused into the finest metals. See the full presentation below:

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Here is an artistic video showcase of Stevie Boi Shades “The Woods” Collection, making a debut appearance on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan during New York Fashion Week. See a few event photos of “The Woods” show from Saturday night, September 11, held at bar La Vie: Read the rest of this entry »

Sleek & chic face accessories by Stevie Boi Shades. Show dated at New York Fashion Week time. I know I’m itchin to see the eyewear! Better yet, see through the eyewear.

Presenting Ken & Dana Design B-Side Graffiti 2.0 collection & lookbook. The designers based out of New York have taken their new B-Side collection under the influence of their environment. These funkdified pieces are available for coppage at their online shop. We are really feelin the Rebel Handcuff Bangles & Krush Necklace. The lookbook demonstrates how to wear the hip-hopish jewelry by balancing it out with a more girly look with some subtle textures.. Really though, you can funk it out how you want.

K&D states in their show of collection:
“As an encore to our original collection, we drew inspiration from the stencil technique. An alternative to time consuming murals, stenciling focuses on multiplicity & reaching the masses.

Moved by this idea of democratic design we have created a collection of accessible jewelry that channels our urge to paint on stuff.”

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Check the flip for the full K&D B-Side Graffiti 2.0 Lookbook & info on NY Launch party: Read the rest of this entry »


The ever so brilliant, Erykah Badu, was always one to express her personal style in the most eccentric of ways. As a true artist, she spreads her creative energy as far she can take it. With music as her main platform, she makes sure to balance herself out with visual aspects and functional aspects of expression..

With that being said, Ms. Badu is soon to release her highly anticipated, first-ever accessory line, Funktional Art! The large gold earrings you see in the photo above is the centerpiece of her first jewelry line, to be called “Baduwings” or “Earwings.”

As she explains through a Billboard interview at 2010’s Lollapalooza, “It’s the beginning of a new thing for me, I’m working with different designers to come up with things that fit me and fit the fans who support me and fit the women who feel free and can fly.”

Funktional Art is said to be released late-August or September on You may be able to catch her Earwings at her latest live shows at the merch booth. There is talk of Badu arranging to sell her goods at boutiques in Dallas, New York, Chicago, London & Paris.

“I’m Erykah Badu… and I am here to stay, a staple, a midwife. I feel like this is the beginning for me, so I don’t know what’s next.”

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You can actually kind of see Nicki Minaj’s face in this video, for she is not overly caked up in make-up. I gotta say, she should go for that look more often. I should admit, I watched the video on mute, but I had to see it to spot Tanaya Henry’s ear lace accessories, “Lace by Tanaya.” Plus I found it entertaining to see Michael Jamal White doing more of his cliche black man kung-fu / karate.

See about all the labels featured in NM’s video on High Snobette.


July 24, 2010

Some would say that Hello Kitty has been “around the way” within the last decade or so. I, as a loyal & long-time Sanrio fiend, have stuck by her side. The Sanrio x Dr. Martens collab gets someone like me going giddy. Hello Kitty celebrates Doc Martens 50th anniversary with a limited edition shoe collection, consisting of five designs, Mary-Jane style & the classic 1460 8-eyelet boot. This exclusive collection is said to hit Nordstrom early August in limited quantities. So keep up, I know I am.

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July 23, 2010

Summer StormFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Summer Storm by RisMoney

My dad refers to the summer storm season as “June Gloom,” for obvious reasons like it would be June, & the sky would be gloomy.. Although, the storms have been prominent way past June this year, making it “Not Dry July” & possibly “Aqua August” [haha]. I’m not mad at it though; the 95% humidity, 80 degree nights, & overcast is straight tropical, even out here in the Midwest. Also, swimming in the hot rain has been one of my favorite pastimes this year. It seems the storms have been around just as much as the sun has, the only thing that makes it considerable summer weather is that it’s hot than a mug! How does one dress for such a bi-polar forecast? I suggest getting comfortable in your swim suit, throw some golaches in your beach bag, & wear acrylic jewelry.

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OK, I am a huge advocate for unorthodox shit, but this shit is truly bugged out. Although, it comes to absolute no surprise that miss DELFINA DELETTREZ is the creator of this design; I actually would expect no less. I’m a bigger fan of her eyeballs & animal designs, but she just don’t seem to give a ffff-.

Some other misc creations:

Rodarte by Mark Walsh & Leslie Chin

Elephant ring, obv.

Antonio Murphy Ring; also comes in white & gold.

Crown. (So suitable)


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