ann arbor art fair

July 24, 2007

i’ve been busy with the ann arbor art fair, but now it’s over & i can show you a few photos i’ve managed to collect.

i don’t remember which night this is, but we spent some time at EVE drinking red wine & melted white chocolate while wearing our sneakers.

at metro cafe:

me & human woman lamp, i love.

cin in her grey romper & human man lamp.. i love too.

oren.. (not orack, haha)

oren, sin, & rob.

rob’s feet (in LV).

catching a moment.. aw..


good dj’s play grizzly bear & breakbeat anthems.

i believe it’s bob & chuck? correct me if i’m wrong. chuck(?) in a 70’s terricloth collared shirt. i told bob(?) he looks like jared leto & sin said he looks like jake gyllenhaal.. same thing.

whatup candice & scenesters in the back.

candice in her satin bomber & dope dollar earrings.

not to mention her fendi glasses.


purple & turquoise member’s only jacket at the zbar after party.

oldskool chief’s i picked up at the fair.

as well as a pair of cazals for five bucks.


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