one be lo

July 27, 2007

ann arbor, mi. surprisingly gets quite a few good shows, some of these artists wont even play in detroit.. gift of gab, aceyalone, & z-trip are coming next week, c-rayz walz the week after, & one be lo of binary star was here last night. apparently so, one be lo is from this area, the city of pontiac to be exact but he was talking about how he is “detroit for life” or whateva. that’s cool. there were a shitload of opening acts, most were pretty corny &/or not that special, but i gotta give it to em, they’re trying to keep “michigan hiphop” alive.. they’d do chants to the crowd that went like “when i say michigan, you say hiphop” haha.. & a lot of it was “this goes out to the government.” but like i said, gotta give em.. i guess. ha…


ok, you ready?

freestyle cypher between the performers early on.

dj deck

“real emcees use instrumentals” they say.

dante was quite entertaining.. his “aerobatic” performance.. & harmonica.

detroit kicks.

skywalker & myself.

? gettin down?

hardcore detroit.


me on the getdown.

to headtrack.

be gotta do all the work.

appropriately coordinated with his shirt.

was itching to open up that circle, & man did that circle open ha.


one be lo shall also be attending the world famous freestyle session:

gold new balance n574

July 27, 2007

it’s golden! the sad part is, these are only being released in japan. there are platinum ones too, which are equally as difficult to attain. oh well.


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