November 15, 2008

Aiite, I’m giving into the smartphone hype only ‘cuz my current phone is outta wack and my contract is bout to end. I’ve looked at blackberry storm, samsung omnia, nokia n96, samsung instinct, and a few others. Some seemed dope for a good minute, til i started to compare it to my top two choices: T-Mobile Google G1 and At&t Mac iPhone.



I’m with the T right now, & forreal, they’ve been good to me.. buuuut, i do have the opportunity to switch it up if i feel like it, nawimsayin.

With that bein the case, here’s wassup…
click photo to enlarge yo

I will say, I am leaning towards the iPhone, even if that means switching companies and & shit..

AND YO, check this

ha, they’re only ideas to my understanding, but don’t doubt the game!

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