June 30, 2010

The sapphire nail file is more of an essential purse accessory than most women may realize. Available at all local drugstores for usually around one to two bones, it’s affordable & functional.. Functional, in more ways than one, that is. True, having a file on hand is convenient when ones nail chips, but having a file like this is convenient when a lady is being hassled. If ever need be, it’s smart to have a sort of protection tool in possession. To be frank, the sapphire nail file can double up as a weapon. With it’s metal pointed tip & handle for grip, I find the item to be an appropriate shank. Though the file is quite light & thin, to make considerable damage, it’s all about technique. Find soft spots, like the trapezius (where the neck & shoulder meet), stomach, inner thigh, etc; stab quick, & twist; repeat if necessary. This should give enough damage for you to run or stun the assailant for further self-defense methods. So remember ladies, stab & twist.


June 29, 2010


The Foundation: Celebrating Women In HipHop
Features DJ Duo
Bitchley Bizness

Tuesday June 29, 2010
Every Tuesday
8:00 pm – 2:00 am
All Ages
Cover: $5.00 after 10pm
Cover Notes: Donations Accepted
Music: Funk, Hip Hop, Reggae, Breaks, Live Art & Spoken Word
RSVP Email:
Contact Email:

1456 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48226

Fashion darlings in their own right, characterized by their signature Creative D.I.Y-style wardrobe which is a wonderful blend of their own up-and-coming lines Bitchley Bizness & Downtown 81. As established designers, they have truly mastered the interactive fashion, music and art scene.
Expect to dance to indie rock, electronica, up tempo R & B, & whatever else inspires them for the evening.
An in-house photographer will take “portraits” of everyone that comes.

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June 24, 2010

& RenCen COOLBEANZ CyberPimp Album Release Party

Sunday, June 27 2010
2281 W Fort St. Detroit, MI
Music: Hip Hop, rock, house and pretty much anything else that’s dope

June 27th at Blondie’s Detroit is the very first MEGAPALOOZA, a festival dedicated to bridging the gap between all of Detroit’s burgeoning music scenes!

The June MEGAPALOOZA will serve as RenCen COOLBEANZ album release party for CyberPimp!

RENCEN COOLBEANZ!!!!!(nerd boy rocker!!!!!!)
MonicaBlaire (Crazy fresh Songstress/ Performer)
Street Justice (Hip hop group/ bonkerz!!!)
Cold Men Young (Hip Hop Group/ dope emcees/ out cold poets)
Stevie Soul (The illest Beat boxer/ singer)
Stereo Junkies (Super Fresh Dance Crew)
Holly Bernt (Phenomenal Acoustic Guitar / Singer/ Songwriter)
RENCEN COOLBEANZ!!!!!(nerd boy rocker!!!!!!)

Heather Jay (Funniest Female period)

This is an on-going event. Look forward to more MEGA PALOOZA’S to come.
Brought to you by. RenCen CoolBeanz/ Bling UniverCity/ Ris Money/ &

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June 12, 2010

Rosary WranglerFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Rosary Wrangler by RisMoney featuring Armani Exchange jewelry

I understand that since Good Wood has become hot in these streets, the trendees have also turned to wearing rosaries as fashion accessories. Now, I know a good amount of Mexican-Catholics & Chaldeans that have been wearing these holy beads around their necks, rightfully so, considering that it is in their religious beliefs to possess such an item. I suppose this trend may not be any different from the “Buddha bead” fad when one was not Buddhist, or the kabbalah bracelet when one was not Jewish, but I can’t help but to be slightly irked by the fad. Maybe this trend vexes me because I was once Catholic; naw, or maybe it triggered when I saw a dude wearing a rosary & I asked him if he was Catholic (to which he was not.) Nope, I think it started to really bother me when I went to a fashion show a few weeks ago & witnessed two guys trading info because one of them was interested in where the other dude got his platinum linked rosary.. Yeah.

Is it any different from the bling crucifix’s on platinum chains? Maybe I’m trippin, maybe it’s just “fashion..” right..?

The rosary collection above was inspired by a pot-bellied, shirtless, olive-skinned, man I saw talking on his cell phone on the sidewalk when I visited Pittsburgh, PA last week. He had a notable stack of rosaries on his neck. Shouts out.


June 11, 2010

This is my old bedroom a little over a year ago.. I figure, since I don’t live there anymore, this post wouldn’t be an invasion of my privacy.

The “Padding” column on RI$I$M is a dedication to personal interior design & whatnot.. please inquire within..

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Model casting call for The Ultimate White Party
June 12, 2010
Honey Nightclub
201 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48226

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June 7, 2010

2 vs 2 Bboy/Bgirl battle
Cash Prizes
Free registration at 3pm

Spi D Rock vs Blank exhibition battle

July 10, 2010
Compas Center of Music & Performing Arts
8701 W. Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48209
Doors 3pm; Battles 4pm
$10; $5 with student ID

Lil Kim – “Crush On You”

Lil Kim > Nicki Minaj
I genuinely enjoyed Kim’s music. I was a preteen listening to that raunchy sh– on Kim’s debut album “Hard Core.” How is that compared to little girls listening to Nikki Minaj today?
It’s obvious the quality in today’s mainstream music is “different” then that of just a couple decades ago..
Besides the fact that Junior M.A.F.I.A. was that deal, Kim brought that originality, that real raw sh–. Nicki Minaj is straight Lil Kim x Lil Wayne. & I personally don’t approve of Lil Wayne, but that’s just me.

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photography by Ohene

Photos from “The Wait Is Over…” hair & fashion show.. on May 23, 2010 at 1515 Broadway in Detroit.

The fashion show consisted of Dorothy Elizabeth designs, Hardcore Detroit apparel, Mahogany Music apparel, Rina Co styles, jewelry by B-Flyy Creations, & a collection from Nubian Soul. Live performances by NameTag & J Tait.

I worked as the backstage manager during this event.. I only posted photos from the live performances & fashion show segments. See the rest of the show photos at Ohene Photography..


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