June 30, 2010

The sapphire nail file is more of an essential purse accessory than most women may realize. Available at all local drugstores for usually around one to two bones, it’s affordable & functional.. Functional, in more ways than one, that is. True, having a file on hand is convenient when ones nail chips, but having a file like this is convenient when a lady is being hassled. If ever need be, it’s smart to have a sort of protection tool in possession. To be frank, the sapphire nail file can double up as a weapon. With it’s metal pointed tip & handle for grip, I find the item to be an appropriate shank. Though the file is quite light & thin, to make considerable damage, it’s all about technique. Find soft spots, like the trapezius (where the neck & shoulder meet), stomach, inner thigh, etc; stab quick, & twist; repeat if necessary. This should give enough damage for you to run or stun the assailant for further self-defense methods. So remember ladies, stab & twist.


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