February 1, 2011

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Obey is hitting us with a pretty cool collection of light jackets, tees, tanks, & button ups, that’s a little bit military, a little bit tribal, & a little bit beachy. This men’s Spring Summer collection is for the well fitted street gentleman, with simple subtly in just the right places.

via Hypebeast

LA locals, Alma M., Jasmine J. & Aljaira D. form the fashion trinity that is NINETEEN29, takin a look into their latest lookbook for their Jones to the Rhythm collection! It features the flyest Safari Sequins Jacket as seen on NY eyewear designers CoCo & Breezy; a chic, sheer batwinged dress; among finger trap type jewelery & other obviously dope garments. Check em out straight at www.nineteentwentynine.com!


January 25, 2011

Presenting the Gerlan Jeans Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. Fun & vibrant, & oh so early 90’s pop art. Crossover overall dresses, black & white contrasting, giant knocker balls, denim all over.. just loves it. Check the slideshow below:

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photos via: Gerlan Jeans

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The Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2011 collection is a playful take on knitwear. The collection features tribal & Guatemalan-style patterns, candy-colored hues, tux-inspired blazers, thick knits, & wild west-like tops. Explore the pieces in the slideshow below:

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photos via: style.com

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I have to admit, a lot of my favorite shows at New York Fashion Week this past fall season were off site from the tents. My Boudior D’huitres experience was no different. The show kicked off with a Pebbles & Bam Bam sorta feel. There were lots of animal prints, leather, & silk; nature’s best. I had a variety of favorites in this collection, including almost all the leather pieces, the dresses, pockets, etc. I also thoroughly enjoyed the folding flap vest & jacket. The organic hemp giftbag with natural beauty products was also a plus.

At the show, the guests received excerpts from Mimi’s diary which explained the collection’s inspiration:

From Mimi’s Diary – South Africa 2010

Inspiration Spring/Summer 2011
To the African Bushman
The preying mantis is believed to be a divine messenger
-She is seen as an ambassador from the animal “Queendom”
-The Orchid Mantis is beautiful like the flowers…delicate round shapes & curved angles
-Round Organic shapes us, new development…structure, summetry.
Modern Woman not traditional. Insect safari. Animal safari. Human safari.

-The palest sunlight broke down this morning…Shining…Beaming..Smiling
-A silent sanctuary of olive & brown hued weltered grass
-Steel & modern technology against a resistant back drop of earth, rack & history
-The moon is so bright here…a ghostly white marbled against the deepest navy
-The landscape has become dry…now I am thirsty.

Mimi’s Diary – June 28, 2010 – South Africa

In South Africa, I watched the sun set.
These were intricate shades of blues, greens, yellows & white.
Piercing ambers penetrated navy, & I wanted to embrace that palette.
I imagined a modern day Safari with Victorian influence.
My journey was guided by a preying mantis.
I saw the sun glisten against the rippling lake, creating moving diamonds on its surface.
1960’s Veruschka with a touch of Kathleen Turner as Joan Wilder in “Jewel of the Nile.”
I was inspired by all of these things.

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Photos by Ris Money

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Makin’ mad moves in Michigan, Revive streetwear boutique out of Birmingham, MI continues to floss Metro-Detroit residents with exclusive gear straight from the Revive vaults. Revive collaborates with Japanese brand, Ambush Design, for a jewelry series called CAMO POW! Now available as a chain or ring.

Each camo piece is different from the last, making it that much more unique. The series is only available at Revive, & in limited quantities. Order yours now by either visiting their location at 154th W. Maple, Birmingham, MI; or order by phone at (248) 731-4879. Shipping available worldwide.

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October 13, 2010

Taking a look into the first part of streetwear brand, Dope Couture’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection.

This year alone, there have been a ton of takes on the Sergeant Pepper style on a variety of coats, vests, and now hoodies via Dope Couture. The collection also includes utility bombers in classic black & an angled-pattern army fatigue; the crewneck tees offer prints with pretty girl faces, French statements translating to “he who fears being conquered is certain of defeat” & “this is not a t-shirt.” along with a subtle pattern with the words “Dope Couture” & “Bougie Crew” subtly embedded in the pattern. Check it out for yaself.

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September 1, 2010

“After taking a break for Spring 10, we are very proud to present the Fall 2010 collection equipped with a cast of notable females. Each personality chose pieces from the line to represent their own signature style. MadeMe’s Erin Magee teamed up with Nicole and Natalie of Nina Sky, Kim Ann Foxman of Hercules and Love Affair, Maluca Mala, Lady Miss Kier of Dee-Lite, and muse Victoria Brito to illustrate their individuality and celebrate MadeMe’s versatility.

MadeMe’s Fall offering is inspired by 80’s and early 90’s music, fashion, art, and nightlife in New York City. Paying homage to the famed “Paradise Garage,” the Paradise Tee recreates the popular club logo with the words “MadeMe Manhattan.” To compliment the tee, this season introduces the low-rise faux black leather pants and also includes MadeMe’s signature leather motorcycle jacket. The leather motorcycle jacket has been a staple in the line since its inception in 2007 and is available in black and a new bold tonal grey leopard pattern. Another addition to the collection, a shoulder tote bag with interior laptop pocket, adorns the same grey tonal leopard pattern and also comes in a black and white cross pattern. A must-have this fall, the military parka comes in two colors, olive green and black.

True to the essence of MadeMe, the Fall 2010 collection is rich in quality and practicality. Erin Magee keeps us satisfied with a collection that embodies confidence, edge, and style from a true New York City perspective” –MadeMe

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