March 5, 2011

Photos by: Ris

The Nomia Fall 2011 collection by Yara Flinn was a pleasure to be present for. The show took place at The Standard in a small wooden room where media would take up 1/3 of the space, the audience jam packed on one side of the runway taking up a full third of space, & the other third of the room reserved for the models. I came in about an hour before showtime & lounged about. The models, still in their street clothes & hair clips, came out about 45 minutes before showtime to learn the runway routine. They were to walk down the bordered runway to then stand on one side of the wall until every girl has come out. They ran the full show twice so the tight crowd can actually capture the collection. Speaking of which, the collection was pretty on point; it was classy with a twist on silhouettes. My favorite Fall 2011 elements were included in this collection as well: patches of colors, sheer fabrics, & cut-outs. The plated necklaces are awesome too.

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I caught this dapper duo while exiting The Standard in New York. There’s “classic” written all over this from the fur coat, to the fire-engine lips, to the pea coat, to the oxford shoes. It’s so appropriate.

Costello Tagliapietra’s colorful collection is hitting Fall with Spring-like hues. Powder-colored silk & bright patterns contrast well in the collection with fur accents & sweater gowns. This season’s show held at Milk Studios is always a pleasure to be in -well except the lines & the patrolled elevators, but other than that, it’s great. Entering the runway area, the lady walking right in front of me missed a step & ate it! She got up quick though, I didn’t even need to bend down to help her up haha.. What a booming entrance to a bursting collection by designer duo Jeffrey Costello & Robert Tagliapietra. Check it for yourself:

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Photos via: style.com; seat POV by Ris


February 26, 2011

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Checkin’ out Althea Harper’s New York fashion week presentation held at Gallery Nine5. I was slightly frazzled when I came through the doors for the presentation space, it was my busiest day during the week, but the energy in the room picked me up right away. I was greeted by a blood-orange vodka cocktail & cordially made my way towards the other end of the room through a tight, yet jovial crowd. Passing through bright-lit video interviews, press releases, & giftbags, I finally made it through to find the models cozy on a red sofa that contrasted the muted tones of Althea Harper’s textured collection.

The Project Runway Season 6 star’s Fall 2011 collection is immersed in desaturated shades & excellent patterns, as was her last couple collections. Althea always brings in great linear effects and awesome cuts on her pieces. My favorite parts of the collection were the sheer & opaque fabric patching, her choice in prints, & sweet cut-outs.

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Fashion week trends this season were in all-black ensembles, which I loved. The monotoned scheme gave emphasis on silhouettes – lots of platform shoes, sheer fabrics, & interesting layering.


February 21, 2011

My New York trip this season kicked off with Perry Ellis opening up my first day in town. After a late-night arrival & half an hour in the morning, I was quickly replenished after a rushed revisit to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tents with moderate doses of Starbucks Fraps & bottled yogurt. With no ails, the hunky Perry Ellis runway show tailored to the traditional gentlemen with classic layering & modern styling. My favorite details are with the hunter’s shoulder patched coats, shawl collars, chunky socks, & stone-washed color schemes. After all forty looks made its debut, the models took a group stroll rockin’ matching long sleeves & white long johns – nice & fitted. Check the full Perry Ellis Fall 2011 collection below, photos taken by Winnie Jeng of FORMzine! My photos are the seating point-of-view like above!

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Back at Lincoln Center for Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week! Flooded with fashionistas, media, & celebs, I’ll be running in and out of the tents once again to catch shows & presentations for Fall/Winter fashion collections, & not to mention, the afterparties! The week consists of constant running, lines, lots of waiting, and a full diet of bottled Fraps, Fiji Water, & Sauvignon Blanc. They know that the open bars at fashion week are absolutely necessary!

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February 10, 2011

FW Tote

FW Tote by RisMoney featuring tote bags

Pack up your favorite tote, it’s about that time! It’s fashion week & in the midst of the New York chaos there are much needed items to have on hand! I think of tote bags as Mary Poppins bags, SO much can be stored in these magical purses. Be Fashion Week prepared, see what I mean: Read the rest of this entry »

Snapped two lovely ladies from last season’s MB New York Fashion Week in the lobby. There are plethora of good things going on in this photo. I spy with my little eye, something stylin’.

Star-studded shade designer, Stevie Boi of SBShades will be presenting his latest collection, “Coexist” at this season’s Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week in February. Get your RSVP’s in now at rsvp@stevieboi.com.


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